Imagine Dragons – Demons – Tabs

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Tabs for my electric guitar cover for the song Demons by Imagine Dragons.
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5 thoughts on “Imagine Dragons – Demons – Tabs

  1. Mr. Ochaion. Please help with tabulatury, Alexander Pozdnyakov – Collection Of Emotions, a beautiful tune, it would be desirable that you played her. You remarkably play! Thanks!

  2. Mr.Ochaion, I need your help with the song you played “My Immortal” It was so beautiful. Can you please put the tabs on this page it will help me a lot. Thank you

  3. Mr. Ochaion, if you were using a pedal for this song, what type of pedal were you using? It would help me alot to know, thanks and love listening to you play.

  4. Hi Kfir, there are quite a few mistakes in your Demons – Imagine Dragons tab. The ones I’ve noticed are in bar 7-8 and second to the last bar. Please fix and luv ur covers!

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