Kfir Ochaion

I use the guitar strings as vocal cords, capturing the human voice with my fingers.


My album “I” is available to download – Get it now!

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112 thoughts on “Kfir Ochaion

  1. Hi, can you post the tab for purple rain? My mother loved Prince, and was devastated by his death, I want to play it for her at her birthday. Thank you!
    I also follow you on twitter : @jakazoYT

  2. Hey man (: first of all thank you so much for the hard work.
    Second , im from israel too and i would like to know of you are doing private lesson (with electric guitar ofc).

  3. Hey man, absolutely love what you do!
    Im trying to play the same songs and was wondering what pedals you were using?
    if you could please try and let me know it would be really appreciated.

    -Sascha, 17, South Africa


  5. Your an amazing guitarist and you inspire me every time I watch a video! Please make a tutorial of how to play dance dance by fall out boy or casual affair by panic! At the disco both are great songs and you would make them sound amazing…. thanks!

  6. You’re an amazing guitarist dude Ive watched all your videos on youtube and stuff. I have one request you might like to try ?
    Its an old song by skrillex “Kyoto” just one of my favourites.
    I love how you play guitar man, you have mantis skills

  7. Hi Kfir, I have literally not been able to stop till I heard all your guitar covers on YouTube. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of yours. Thank you for all the hard work you do to upload these songs and specially the tabs, they help budding guitarists like myself to improve. Could you please upload the tabs for Stitches by Shawn Mendes. I would really appreciate it. Anyways thanks for everything you do.

  8. Can u please make tabs for zombie by cranberries
    please, i know u did that a while ago
    but i need ur tabs
    i have been seeing that with slow motion but still im facing many problems
    please if u can help me with this ,it will be really appreciating

  9. pleas..make..a..lesson..on..fall..out..boy..plzzzz..its..a

  10. Hey, i love ur work
    Its very good . I love all your videos
    Please can u post the tabs for writing’s on the wall
    I really love this song
    I want to play it
    Thank you sir

  11. Hello,

    I’m coming from Germany. I love your guitar playing. You’re one of the best for me. You plays the guitar with so much power and heart. You make the people lucky with your guitar. Thank you very much.


  12. Hi Kfir,

    I watched your works on youtube and I became a fan of you ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that sound of Careless Whisper by George Michel. Could you send me tabs of this song pleaseee? I am gonna play this song my parents’ wedding anniversary and I have 1 month to work this song. I follow you every social medias.

    Best Regards,

    1. I tried to decipher the tabs from his fingers, but couldn’t lol.
      also kfir, you should be on patreon, and plz make a how to play video or at least publish the tabs for this masterpiece.

  13. Hello Sir, Kfir , okay?
    I would make a suggestion, could make a video of the song Hallelujah , I think it will be very good, Mr. is a major influence to guitarists from Brazil!

  14. hi kfir,

    i like your Fender Custom Shop โ€™60 Stratocaster Ultimate Relic.
    i saw you want to sell it…
    is there a chance to get this beauty for 6000,-


  15. Hello fantastic guitar playing of the sound of silence …. Do you have a tab for it as I’d love to learn it


  16. Wassup you’re the best. Can you make cake by the ocean tabs. I know you are the best and I always brag about you to my friends. They’re really interested on your cake by the ocean cover, so if you plz can make us a tabs for cake by the ocean. As always you are my hero thanks soooooo much.

  17. Hi Kfir,

    I listened all of your song and I have must to say…Itยดs amazing, vocals are like a dream, very beautiful and real dream. I like it. I wish I had a song with you. I make music since 2006 and THIS, what you made…it is so…I have not got some next word. My english is not good, I know it…so sorry. Send me please email.

    Thank you Sir Kfir ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. HI Kfir!

    I am a huge fan of yours. Your covers are amazing! But I have a question. Will you be releasing tabs for Rise by Katy Perry? I love the cover you did for the song and I would love to learn it!

    Thanks, Sally

  19. Very, very good work.
    I have seen all your videos. Are all fantastic.
    Now can you give me tabs for Dead Inside?
    Thank you

  20. greeting
    im amirhossein and im from iran.
    just want to thanking you for all these fascinating videos and giutar covers !

    to me your videos are like a live course .
    best wishes and good luck ๐Ÿ˜ก

  21. great work , you have made great covers , and thanks for tabs , i hope you ll do tabs for covers which have passed 50k thank you so much ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Hi Kfir, you play the guitar like a god.
    I learn your tabs with a lot of joy and am very interested in your version of “Sound of Silence” .
    Can you post the Tab for “Sound of Silence” please?

  23. Hello , I’m really impressed with the way you play the guitar . I would love you to come up gangsta tablature , I would be very grateful.

  24. Hello, I am Nok from Thailand
    I hear you played guitar fantastic. Amazing I like it very much.
    I hope you are having new album. I waiting for listening . Bye take care.

  25. Dear KFIR OCHAION,
    I enjoyed your rendition of Sam Smith’s Writings on the Wall; you played the electric guitar cover most amazingly. A job well done. I was leaving you a note that I used samples of your guitar work of this song on a recent project I created and will give credit for your work
    Thank you very much.

  26. Hey man it’s me Jim. I was just interested if you could play avenged sevenfold-afterlife, it would look really cool. Also can you do the tabs.
    Thanks man

  27. I was thinking about if you could do a vid on Angles among demons by Instrumental Core and if you could do one on the river flows in you by Yiruma

  28. hey, Im a big fan of Evanscence and your cover of Bring me to life has left me dumbfounded…..its the best cover of the song ive seen till now….could you please upload the tabs for the same?? im a big admirer of you.

  29. Hey kfir, i love your cover of Sinnead ‘o Conner. Fantastic sound. I’d like to learn it, so i can play it for a special someone. Will you please try to upload a tab? That will make my day, and hope someone else to ๐Ÿ˜‰ For now THNX!!

  30. I would like to hire you for my vow renewal ceremony. It’s going to be a fairly small ceremony held in Newport TN. I’ll pay whatever you want.

  31. Hey man,

    I love your sound! What kind pedals and amps do you use, and how do you set them up?

    Keep up the awesome work ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Hey, I love all your music and covers… super inspirational. Could you explain to me how you are able to put up covers for sale on iTunes? Did you seek permissions or licenses? How does copyright play into this? Thank you so much in advance.

  33. BRO, how the hell are you so good at guitar. By the way love the covers that you make and especially the tabs, they really help me out. What did you use to make this website?, I really want to make my own. I am a guitarist and very good at it. Being practicing for 1 year and can play a couple riffs. Also, make a cover of “One Call Away – Charlie Puth”. One of my favourite songs. Thanks!

  34. Hey, I listened to all your covers and my favorite one is my immortal, if you can please DM me the tabs on Instagram I will be honored. My Instagram is iza1080. thank you so much.

  35. Hey! I love your skills! The are unbelievable! I’m in live with you cover of Rise and I would love to learn it. I would love if you could maybe post the tabs on you your website!? Of if there was any way for me to get them?

  36. Hello my name is noe and I am here from Brazil, I would like to see posted the videos lesson with tab of the following songs: careless whisper, hotel california, Air on a G string, Forever In Love – Kenny G – Rock Version.

  37. I heard you on YouTube. Truly amazing Kfir. Now I just listen to your guitar there. EDM sounds so better on leads. Play ‘Marshmallo – Alone’ sometime, would be just perfect if you play it. I’m damn sure about that. Thanks Man!

  38. Hey I heard your cover of I don’t want to live forever by taylor swift, and really would LOVE it if you could post the tabs as soon as possible. I know you normally only do it when there are over 500,000 views on the video, but that will take a long time. I really would want to cover that song before my exams come, and if you could email them to me or release just the tab sheet, even if it is not nicely typed up, it would mean the world to me. From one of your most loyal and first subscribers (before you had 500 subscriptions) and fellow guitarist.

    -Alex C

  39. Hey buddy……will you pleeeeaaseeeeeeeeee provide with the tabs of ” My Heart Will Go On” ….. i wanna make it for Valentines Day :p …..hoping for the best…..thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Your covers are great, they helped me decide to start learning guitar. And it’s also great that you provide so many tabs. I’m not going to ask you to do a cover, or for more tabs – there are lots to learn and practice, and it seems like everyone is asking you to do something specific for them.

    What I would ask is for you to post a note here on your website letting us all know where you get your backing tracks. That is all, just let us know a good source of backing tracks.

    I’m going to try to print the tabs for a song I’d like to learn. If I can get it to print properly, I’ll send you a $10 donation through PayPal. Thanks for everything you do.

  41. Would just like to say your are amazing unbelievable an inspiration to anyone thinking of guitar thank you can’t stop watching your faded cover

  42. Hello Kfir can You make cover on this songs ? I think they can be popular on your YT chanel.
    1)James Arthur:Say you won’t let go/Impossible
    2)Alex Hepburn – Under
    4)Naughty boy la la la (feat. Sam Smith)
    7)Selena Gomez : Same old love,Hands to myself
    8)Maybe anything from Miley Cirus
    10)Lady Gaga – Applause

  43. When I first found your channel I thought you were just covering the guitars for the music, but when I first saw Take Me To Church you absolutely blew my mind! I don’t know what I’d do hadn’t I found your channel, everything you do is absolutely amazing! You deserve so much more than just subscribers on Youtube!

    P.S. Do you think you can cover Come As You Are by Nirvana? I would love it if you did it on my birthday! ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. ื”ื›ื™ืกื•ื™ื™ื ืฉืœืš ื ื”ื“ืจื™ื, ื”ื ืขื–ืจื• ืœื™ ืœื”ื—ืœื™ื˜ ืœื”ืชื—ื™ืœ ืœืœืžื•ื“ ื’ื™ื˜ืจื”. ื•ื–ื” ื’ื ื ื”ื“ืจ ืฉืชืกืคืง ื›ืจื˜ื™ืกื™ื•ืช ื›ืš ื”ืจื‘ื”. ืื ื™ ืœื ื”ื•ืœืš ืœื‘ืงืฉ ืžืžืš ืœืขืฉื•ืช ื›ื™ืกื•ื™, ืื• ืขื‘ื•ืจ ื›ืจื˜ื™ืกื™ื•ืช ื™ื•ืชืจ – ื™ืฉ ื”ืจื‘ื” ืœืœืžื•ื“ ื•ืœืชืจื’ืœ, ื•ื–ื” ื ืจืื” ื›ืื™ืœื• ื›ื•ืœื ืžื‘ืงืฉื™ื ืžืžืš ืœืขืฉื•ืช ืžืฉื”ื• ืกืคืฆื™ืคื™ ืขื‘ื•ืจื.
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  45. Can I use the fnaf 1 song electric guitar video that you made in my introom possibly. Please let me know if I have your permission to do so. BTW you are awesome at playing the electric guitar.

  46. Hy men i appreciate your work keep on just one question what guitare do you use the name id like to buy one just like the one you have

  47. Hello, Kfir! I like this composition of George Michael cereless whisper ะฐnd I’m very pleased with your performance on an electric guitar! And I also want to learn how to play! It was very convenient when your videos were with tabs, and I use it and enjoy learning to play on your videos! I can not open links to the tabs that you write in messages on yourtube. Kfir, I ask you, please do this video with tabs or send me tabs to my e-mail. Thank you!

  48. Sir and with the greatest respect, I first heard you on your cover of “My Heart Will Go On” after watching the movie (again). Neal Schon also covered it on his album “Voice” but I can watch you play to (try to) finally/see/learn it. Since then, I have watched every single cover you offer up…and am blown away every time. I have been playing for over 17 years and least have similar gear as you which is cool to see. I ask nothing from you and only say Thank You So Much for bringing your talent to the world. I don’t read music because it is too much of a distraction from the soul but as they say, “watch him four times and you have your tab” LOL. I get it and I love it that you don’t talk too much or try to “teach”, but play and let us figure out the rest (in general). Beauty.

  49. Hello Kfir
    We are 10S Guitar Custom Shop from China, my name is Bay, sorry to bother you. I have seem your videos on YouTube, those were incredible and we love it! May I invite you to be our brand spokesman? Truly and sincerely. In fact our company are now in the development of one smart guitar that is going to on Kickstarter to the Crowdfunding. If you would like to cooperate with us or be our spokesman, we hope there can be further discuss between us. Thank you for your consideration and we will be looking forward to your reply.

  50. kfir, awesome work man. I’ve been practicing your songs ever since your first take me to church tutorial, it’s awesome how you can feel that your playing with feeling. never quit on your YouTube channel. The scientist is my favorite song and you nailed it ?, I was wondering if you could release the tabs for it, I hope it’s not too late, and I was wondering it would be also cool if you put 3 tabs or songs for a vote and release it on your channel or website. I really wish you can release your tabs for the scientist by cold play.

  51. Wassup my dude!! There’s this new song called Thats what I like by Bruno Mars,,,,, Its NEXT GEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Hello! I came across your cover of “Take On Me” by Aha and I was wondering If you could publish the tabs you used for the cover. I’ve been looking through tabs and covers, but none of them sound as awesome as yours. If you could please post the tabs it would be great! I’m planning on playing this song for our band performance next month and I would love to play your version!
    – Lilliana

  53. Hi, I watch your videos and can not see enough of them !!! Only there is a request to you, I would really like to learn how to play like you, but without tab I can not !!!Please, do tabs for videovideo Evanescence-Bring me to life and Halleluja)

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